24/7 Manage Service Provider (MSP)

AxeLan has been supplying IT support to small and mid-size businesses since 2002. Our forward-thinking team of professional computer consultants allows us to provide a one-stop shop for IT strategies, solutions, and services specifically tailored to SMB’s.

Modular IT outsourcing: The services offered will be tailor-made to your specific needs. We take into account the IT knowledge of your team, your level of technology, risk tolerance and adjust the level of service needed in order to assure continued operations of your IT environment while respecting your allocated budgets.

Managed service provider: Our managed services are powered by the latest technologies. This has permitted us to evolve from a REACTIVE support approach to a PROACTIVE support solution system. Instead of paying every time there is an unforeseen event, outage or other problems with your IT environment, we offer a plan where you pay a monthly fee that guarantees availability of these services (SLA). Your productivity is therefore guaranteed. In essence, you have access to a complete professional IT department that completely takes care of you for a fraction of the price.

NO ANSWERING MACHINE: The responsiveness of our team of technicians is at the core of our renowned service. We are always on duty ready to answer any question and quickly resolve your IT problems. You will never get an answering machine. In the event of a breakdown, emergency or new installation, our team of consultants will be rapidly on-site with the tools and necessary components to configure new services or bring back unavailable ones.